Christopher Brown is a guitarist, and singer from central Pennsylvania.  His journey with music began 12 years ago after dropping out of college at Penn State University.  As a kid he always loved to sing but had never really considered it as anything more than a hobby.  Upon leaving Penn State, he picked up the guitar and slowly learned to play.  The more he learned on the instrument, the more he realized was possible in life through music.  Not only was he gaining mastery at something, both singing and guitar, he was also opening himself up to his own heart, and the world in a way he'd never experienced before.  As he stepped into learning about his own voice, and playing music that moved his own spirit, he became more and more in touch with his authentic self.   With that, came the desire to share his gifts with as many people as possible! 

Christopher Brown has been a street musician, playing in towns and cities across the country for almost 8 years.  He's also played in music venues in NYC, Boston, Pittsburgh, Eugene OR, Seattle, San Francisco, and many other places.  It's taken a long time to get to this point, throwing himself into music completely, and having the faith that he can build it into a life.  Early on there were many periods of self-doubt where he walked away from music almost entirely.  During those periods of time he also dealt with an intense personal struggle with severe depression, and anxiety.  However, it was music that ultimately helped him get back on his feet, no matter how difficult and scary the path was.  Playing music has allowed Christopher a safe place to feel his own feelings, some of them very uncomfortable, and turn them into songs for healing.  He both writes his own music, and also plays songs of others that he can feel and relate to on a deeply personal level.  Each song Christopher plays takes listeners on a emotional journey. sometimes really uplifting and happy, other times the songs create space to get in touch with the sadness, and the grief we all carry.  Both experiences are equally as important and beautiful. 


It's Christopher Brown's aim through his journey with music to meet and interact with as many people as possible who too are seeking connection, love, authenticity, and a safe place to share their story, their gifts, and their human experience.