2/27/2022 Little Italy, San Diego

Today was filled with a lot of ups and downs but the one thing that was pretty great all around was the music. I played twice today, once in the morning and once at night. Both times in the little Italy section of San Diego. Little Italy has a really authentic, positive energy to it. There’s a lot of great restaurants, bars, and shops. Little Italy also has a courtyard which is a prime location for busking. There’s a lot of seating and room for people to hang around. I really like coming down here.

In the morning i played music with a friend of mine who I met in little Italy named Pat. Pat must be in his 70’s but goes out and tap dances each week in little Italy. He lives a few blocks away and people have come to know him there. His tap dancing is pretty cool to watch and is an awesome counterpart of my playing guitar and singing. Kids seem to love him and he‘s really free with his body which is something that makes me smile. We played together for an hour and a half and much of the time there was a crowd around us and so many little children dancing with Pat. I have a whole other arsenal of songs geared toward playing with him that I don’t normally ever use so it’s nice to showcase another side of what I’m able to do.

In the evening I came back to little Italy after not having luck finding a place in Pacific Beach. I found a parking spot downtown (which is a pain in the ass on weekends) and set up to play solo. I played music for another two hours and hit some sort of stride that left me feeling more at peace than I‘d been in a while. I felt that older and wiser version of myself again, and I was proud of him. I played up and down my set list singing to the mood of the city, just present to reality as it was unfolding internally and externally. This was a great ending to the day.

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