3/08/2022 Tucson, Arizona Day 1

Updated: Mar 17

Today marked the first time I’ve played music in Tuscon, Arizona in a few years. Today’s experience was a lot different than those of the last few weeks in California. It’s a much different vibe here and there are a lot less people. I played music on 4th street which seems like the best place to go. Honestly today went about as good as it could have gone here in this town on a Tuesday. I played for about 4 hours and had to muster everything I had to play that long.

I‘m starting to go through withdrawal from quitting smoking which has added another flavor to this week. I’ve done this before but it’s kind of a mind fuck going from smoking a pack a day to zero a day. I knew though that at some point there were emotions I’d have to feel that we’re hiding behind all the cigarettes. So here goes nothing.

I’m pretty tired and achy. It’s very hard coming back to a place that I have a lot of history with, specifically with my ex. Everywhere I go I’m reminded of her and it tears me up a lot. That said I played about as well as I could today and made the most out of it. I didn’t feel great by any stretch but I accepted where I was internally and just kept playing. Tomorrow’s another day :)

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