3/21/2022 Austin, TX Tornado Warning and Rest Day

There was forecasted to be a storm in Austin today. The clouds started forming last night but the rain didn’t really start until sometime mid morning today. I wouldn’t have called it a storm. it reminded me of the rain the PNW gets for about half the year. It never really rains, it just kind of teases. So it misted for most of the morning and into the afternoon. There were periods of a little heavier rain but I still wouldn’t have called it a storm. Someone told me the other day that we might have to delay getting together because of “the storm” and I thought “that sounds like horseshit!”. What kind of storm would be so intense that I couldn’t come and check out this guitar that I’m hoping to get from you? I never said this to said person but the thought went through my head. Anyhow, around 5 PM the sky started getting darker. By 5:30 it really started to rain. By 6 PM I received a notice on my phone of a tornado warning and that it was advised I get inside. Then came the hail.

I was in my truck as this was all happening not really taking it too seriously. It felt like storms I experienced a lot growing up in Pennsylvania. Hail included. No big deal. But it did make me wonder if they get tornados down here and if I’ll ever experience one.

Today has been kind of muggy and it’s a day I wish I had air conditioning in the bed of my truck. It’s cool enough that I’ll be able to sleep but it won’t be that comfortable. At least right now at 9PM. Today has also been a day of rest from playing music. It wasn’t actually a day of rest as I had to run errands but it was a day off from playing, and not by choice!

I didn’t mention this but while driving from the somewhat humid climate of southern California to Texas my guitar got pretty messed up. Because there’s very little humidity in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, my guitar started cracking. Eventually the back of the guitar cracked in half. While it’s still playable it sounds pretty rough. I don’t know what I was thinking honestly. I was being careless I suppose but I didn’t believe the change in climate would be that drastic that the wood from the guitar would change so drastically. Good lesson I suppose. It‘s in the shop right now and could cost upwards of 1000 dollars to fix. Yikes! Instead of doing that, and spending my savings from this trip on that guitar, I decided to trade my bass guitar for a 1960s Sears and Roebuck acoustic guitar.

These guitars would have been purchased for a few bucks back in the day and now usually cost anywhere between 50 and 500 bucks. The one I found on Craigslist is one of the nice ones and I’m super happy I traded for it. This will last me a while and didn‘t cost me anything so win win! It’s badass too! 60 years old almost and sounds really nice! Between the storm, the guitar I purchased, going to the gym twice, and just walking around, it was a pretty typical off day. The only thing that didn’t get crossed off the list was laundry and that will have to wait until later in the week. All this to say that I’m excited to get back out there tomorrow and exercise the demons another time.….and I’m also excited to try out my new guitar!

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