4/2/2022 Bryan, Texas

Yesterday I landed in Bryan, Texas. It’s a small turn-of-the-century feeling town. There’s the main drag which is where I set up to play and one other parallel running street. Both streets have shops, and restaurants an most of all plenty of space! I set up my gear in front an old library and got down to business.

I ended up playing for about 3 hours and there were a lot of people out and about for much of the day. It was a very different experience than the day prior. There was a small children‘s music festival happen and a lot of people interested in what I was doing. I was graced with a lot of moments of connection and financially supported pretty well. A few people brought me water and many people stopped to listen.

My body and soul are pretty tired but playing music seems to be the thing that keeps me going. This was a great experience, this small toad trip. I have the feeling that no matter where I show up, something beyond me is making sure I have what I need. It may not look what I expect it to and that’s ok. This life constantly shows me what I need verses what I want. The rest is just a letting go. I don’t need a ton of money every day, I don’t need constant validation, I don’t need women fawning over me, I don’t need much of anything. It seems like the things I want are merely just human conditioning and things that ultimately can be relinquished. If I make a few bucks, I can eat and drive my car. The rest is just a bonus and perhaps not even necessary. What would it be like to let go of everything? To let go of the thinking and desires that make me feel like there’s one way to live, one way to be successful, and one way to thrive. Easier said than done but this is it.

At the end of this coming week, I’ll step into this again as I head towards several new towns to play. Uncertainty can be scary but also liberating. Feelings are really just energy to be felt and released. I don’t know where any of this is going but at the bottom of the well there’s just faith. Not in anything in particular, just faith. How many smiles, how many handshakes, and how much love can be pumped into this life? How many layers of conditioning can be broken down until there’s nothing left?

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