Austin, Texas 3/29/2022

Over the weekend, I was planning on heading up to Waco, Texas, a town 100 miles north of Austin. I drove up on Friday and scouted it out. I found some places that would be conducive to playing but overall I was pretty exhausted and couldn’t muster the strength to play.

Waco is a college town home To Baylor University. College towns have brought me great experiences overall. My sample size admittedly is a little small but there’s an inner faith that the same results will happen in any college town.

Anyhow, I was happy I made the drive and fine with the decision to not yet pull the trigger on playing there. I plan on making the trek again this weekend and including it on a mini tour with College Station, another college town home to Texas A&M.

Friday was the day I made the drive to Waco. The day before, I received a phone call from someone asking if I could come play music for their birthday party on Saturday. Turns out it all shook out for the best. The party was a great experience and I met a lot of wonderful people who really appreciated me being there. Although I was pretty exhausted (these are crazy times emotionally), I gave it everything I had and was glad I came back to town to play.

Earlier Saturday, I sat out near the bridge where I normally play and put in a few hours busking. It was a normal day overall. There we’re a lot of great interactions and a new sing I found the day prior that I worked into my set list called “I Can’t Complain”.

The weekend came and went with another day of busking on Sunday and then again yesterday (Monday). I played twice yesterday. After a fairly tough internal experience while playing earlier in the day, I went back out to get after it again in the evening and things were totally different! I played until the sun went down and felt a peace wash over me that steeped in real presence. I felt like an observer to this life, a witness to the unfolding of everything around me. There were many moments of gratitude and just being. I challenged a lot of internal stories just carrying my gear back out there again and then breathed through everything my mind was throwing. I stumbled upon a place of no desire. No desire for validation, money, or anything outside of just being with myself in the company of others. I left feeling calm, tired and a little like “what just happened?”.

After making it back to my car around 9 PM, I packed up my gear and drove to my normal sleeping spot in the parking lot of Anytime Fitness just north of the downtown area.

Sometime in the middle of the night I awoke to the sound of someone opening my car door. I wasn’t scared, I was just surprised. Turns out it was a younger kid(early twenties), and homeless looking for something valuable to take. I jumped out of the bed of my truck, swung around the side and said “Can I help you with something?“. He immediately apologized and was kind of sweet. I then asked “Is there anything you need?”. He liked my guitar but I told him he couldn’t have that. So I offered him some money. He took what I gave him and then walked off.

It was kind of a strange moment where everything felt ok. I wasn’t threatened or scared but I could feel that he was desperately needing something and I wanted to help so I did.

Today is Tuesday. It’s cloudy here in Austin so I’m using the day to do laundry and take a break. I plan on playing each day the rest of the week so for now a break feels right. I’ve written words for several songs in the last few days and would like to get them into playing form but we’ll see where the rest of the day goes. Much love to all those who continue to support my way of life ❤️

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