Carlsbad, CA 2/26/2022

Today, I went up the highways a little ways to the town of Carlsbad, CA. I‘ve played here before and always enjoy coming back. Carlsbad has a nice downtown area conducive to playing. I found a nice corner to play on at the end of the main drag in downtown. There’s a fountain across the street and lots of restaurants around.

I came out around 12 o’clock and played for a few hours. The reception was really warm and all types of people came by. This was my 5th day in a row of playing and I hit kind of dead zone in my mood. I was pretty tired. It didn’t seem to make much of a difference to anyone else but I could feel myself pushing when I had nothing left in the tank. That said today was a win. I tried out a few new songs that felt really good and I wrote a song which I’ll showcase in the coming week. I like coming down here. Carlsbad is pretty laid back and nice peaceful energy to it. I’ll look forward to getting back here next week.

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